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Monday, May 16, 2011

example of Detailed lesson Plan

Detailed Lesson Plan
Notre Dame of Midsayap College
Elementary Training Department

        I.            OBJECTIVES
                   At the end of 45 minutes, the pupils would be able to:
                                -describe what is noun
                                -differentiate the kinds of noun
      II.            SUBJECT MATTER
                Topic:                    Noun and kinds of noun
                  Reference:       -Learning Grammar (hand book for elementary pupils)
                                                -Webster: Spelling, Grammar and Language Usage
                  Values:               appreciation and understanding

    III.            PROCEDURE

Teachers Activity                                                                              Pupils Activity                   

A.      Preliminary Activates

1.       Prayer
-Can we all stand for a prayer, may I ask                                        -Pupils stand and pray
 _________to lead us the opening prayer  

2.       Greetings
-Good afternoon class                                                                           -Good afternoon teacher
-how is your day?                                                                                    -Fine and good teacher
-did you already eat your lunch?                                                       -Yes teacher      

3.       Checking of attendance
-Who’s absent today?                                                                           -None teacher

4.       Setting of Arrangement
-Class, if someone talking in front, what will you                        -listen teacher
do?                                                                                                                -Avoid talking with the seatmate

5.       Passing of Assignment
-Class, did I give you an assignments?                                             -Yes teacher
                      -Okay, pass your assignment in front.

B.      Motivation

-Okay class, I have a letters here, when I show
to you  the letter, all you have to do is to say a
name of a person,animal,place, thing or ideas
that  begin with that letter. For example, when I
show the letter “B” you can say “boy”, “bat”
“butter”, “baby” “Bernardo Carpio” or “boring”.                                         -The pupils do the activity

                     -the right side will be the group one and this
                      side will be the group two.

                     -Mechanics of the game:
                      1. Each group will form a straight line
                      2. Be quick to answer.
                      3. Raise the flag if you know the answer
                      4. the one who got the correct  answer will move
                          to the end of the line.
                      5. the one who didn’t get the right answer will remain
                          until he/she give the right answer.
6.The fastest group will declare as a winner, so be quick
    and give the right answer as fast as you can.

C.      Presentation
-Place this word to this column(person,place,animals, thing,and ideas).
  If you believe that this word is a name of a person, then, place          
   this in the column person. And do the same with other.                         
                      -Who wants to volunteer?                                                                                     -The pupils raising their
ball pen
St. Bernard dog
Ms. Chonna lewis
Nile river
Cat fish
Nicolas Sparks
Morning glory

                            cat                                Ms. Chonna Lewis                         girl                           courage
                           hungry                              St. Bernard dog                             ball pen
                           book                                   Midsayap                                           father
                           love                               Cat fish                                           dog
                          Nicolas Sparks              boy                                                 squirrel
                          Philippines                    chair                                               peace      
                          Nile river                       Bohol                                               flower           
                           Town                            Morning glory                               glorious      
D.      Analysis/Discussion


  1. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but this sample of a detailed lesson plan needs improvement. The grammar alone requires substantial modifications. I hope you'll take these as constructive criticism:

    1. The objectives need to cover three aspects (cognitive, affective and psycho-motor). You only have two objectives, and both belong to the cognitive domain. I suggest that, for the affective domain, you write "-share examples of nouns they use, see and hear every day". For the psycho-motor domain, write "-match nouns to their proper categories" (as seen in your Presentation). The reason your second objective is incorrect is because person, place, thing, etc. are not categorized as kinds of nouns. The kinds of nouns are Common, Proper, Concrete, Abstract, etc.

    2. For the dialogues in your Procedure, put quotation marks to differentiate it from the tasks. For example:
    - "Please sit down." - The students sit down.

    Also, you should work on your grammar.

    3. In your Motivation, you gave the word "boring" as an example of a noun starting with letter B. Please note that the word "boring" is an adjective.

    4. The mechanics of your motivation is confusing. Is it supposed to be different from the activity above? If it is, the teacher should inform the students of the mechanics before she divides them into two groups. This will prevent confusion.

    5. In your presentation, you have the word "glorious" categorized under Ideas (nouns). Please note that "glorious" is an adjective. Replace it with "glory". "Hungry" should also be replaced with "hunger".

    6. You forgot (unless it was intentional) to write down your materials and strategy.

    7. Please note that in your references, your citation was done incorrectly. Use either the APA or MLA bibliography format.

    I hope this comment won't make you feel bad or anything. And I hope you don't think that I'm doing this to show off. This is just my way of helping, and whether or not you accept it is solely up to you.

    God bless!
    And I hope you grow and improve as a teacher.