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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Picture Perfect 101

Before to take your picture this year, read these pro photo tips and learn how to say “cheese!” without looking cheesy.
Super trendy Style
You want to wear an outfit that looks great on you for your pictorials, but your favorite concert tee may not be the best choice. Photographers recommended wearing rich solid colors- a deep blue, brown or even black. Don’t wear white unless you have black skin because it will make you look washed out. As for style, go with something simple and classic, nothing to too trendy.

Inner beauty
Cameras aren’t magical, but they can pick up your mood-no matter what you’re doing with your face. When it’s your turn for a picture taking, think of something that will you make smile, like your kitty, best buddy or latest crush. Or try inventing your personal photo mantra, like “ I look beautiful and I feel great!” say it to yourself(not aloud please) when the photographer yells “cheese!” your happiness will show in your eyes and light up your face.
Looking Good
The day pictorials aren’t the best time to experiment with new hairdo or make up. Try to schedule a haircut or trim a couple of weeks before to give yourself time to get used to your new style. For makeup, simple is best.  You don’t need twice as much to have it show in the picture- you will just end up looking like a clown. If you are not the makeup type but want to dress a little for pictures, practice your look first-smudge-proof mascara, lip gloss and powder will probably do the trick.

Perfect Position
Get your best shot by positioning yourself just right for the camera. Even if your body’s turned to one side, hold your head so your eyes and nose are pointed straight at the camera. Another expert tip: don’t tilt your chin upward because the result is an unflattering nostril shot. Instead, sit up straight, roll your shoulders back, look into the camera and lower your chin just a tiny bit, keeping your eyes on the lens. Now smile!

Remember this:
Before it is your turn in front of the camera, visit the bathroom or pull a compact mirror to check for these photo-no nos:
Tooth trouble
If your scheduled picture taking are after lunch, be sure to check your teeth for any, uh, leftovers. You also might want to bring a travel toothbrush to school that day so you can tidy up your teeth properly.
Bra blunders
A quick peek on the mirror will tell you if your shirt’s buttoned and your bra straps are in place, especially if you wearing a sleeveless top. A strap hanging out is probably not the way you want to be remembered in your picture.
Makeup Mess
Take a second to touch up your face. Look for smeared eyeliner and mascara. Lip color on your teeth and shiny skin. Even if you are not wearing a lot of makeup. A little powder can do, in your nose, forehead and chin will give you a finished look.

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